Cyber Defence Summit

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Edgemount Solutions welcomes the opportunity to participate and speak at the upcoming Cyber Defence Summit in Muscat, Oman during early April 2012. The Cyber Defence Summit gathers key regional stakeholders for two days to explore the importance and increased demand for cyber security services and solutions in the GCC. The invite only initiative enables Government authorities, public and private sector businesses and information security experts and specialists to identify, investigate and resolve security challenges in the region. As Middle Eastern countries continue to develop their IT infrastructure and heavy reliance on information and communications technology, Governments must ensure they protect their critical assets. The repercussions of a cyber-attack against important institutions and sectors such as: banks, telecoms, oil and gas, and energy and utilities, can have an immense and costly impact. As such, Edgemount Solutions aims to outline how organizations can leverage improved employee awareness coupled with our new email security tool to bolster network defenses in cost and effective way. We look forward to seeing you at the Summit! For more information on this event please see the website: or contact us directly for additional insight.


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