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A full-service business development consultancy that markets best in class solutions within
the communications, data center and information security environments.

We work with companies to help them succeed.


We work with companies to help them succeed.

For some of our clients this means helping them steer away from the status quo while incorporating new concepts into their existing business development strategies. For others we can help to define the emerging market and develop an approach to lay the groundwork for future success.

In doing so we cultivate regional collaborations and expertise needed during annual company planning and forecasting. By leveraging these associations with our long-term business development strategy we can help reduce an organization’s marketing, manpower and related expenses until emerging market sales leads mature.

Data Center Infrastructure Solution

Data centers are coming under increasing pressure to provide more reliable and secure services to corporate, government, and private clients. As requirements change in conjunction with growing information security threats, the data center must be able to adapt quickly, securely, and efficiently to provide the critical services needed. With a combination of robust data center planning, change management, and integration tools, Edgemount Solutions can pair clients with new technology (e.g. virtualization, monitoring software, etc.) to support needed changes in infrastructure configuration.

Information Security

Given today’s evolving threat landscape, top-tier organizations are beginning to learn the importance of new, innovative and more effective approaches to endpoint security. Edgemount Solutions is pleased to promote its partner solution in this space that aims to defend and protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs). By leveraging application whitelisting solutions and memory protection our partners can help you prevent the execution of all unauthorized code to better protect both your networks and the proprietary data within. These solutions protect both physical and virtual Windows servers, desktops, notebooks, and Linux environments. Edgemount Solutions looks forward to working with your organization to identify and implement the best strategies in this important layer of information security.

Network Security

Today’s competitive environment demands companies maintain both a dynamic and resilient information security posture. Edgemount Solutions is pleased to promote a market leader that delivers enterprise best-in-class information security protection and compliance utilities. By leveraging an outsourced offering of secure messaging services coupled with managed security services, organizations can successfully reduce their vulnerabilities while securing their end-to-end messaging solutions. These services apply to a diverse range of industries which includes banking, government, healthcare, transportation and telecommunications sectors to name a few. Edgemount is please to promote these services which address an important spectrum of network solutions needs of a broad base of customers. For more information on how Edgemount Solutions can help your organization please contact us for more details.

Market Research

Whether your focus is strategic decision making, emerging market evaluation, or capital investment and planning, Edgemount Solutions can help contribute to your company’s overall position and awareness in the marketplace. Our recent efforts have provided unique input into both the global datacenter and telecommunication industries enabling successful marketing efforts. Our services include emerging market analysis, competitor prescence and contract comparisions, marketing database development, and other customer initiatives. Overall, Edgemount Solutions will work with your ogranization to compliment your ongoing and existing strategies while leveraging existing efforts and sales channels.

Communication & Email Security

Edgemount Solutions aims to improve IT operations and standard processes by increasing network monitoring tools, user knowledge, and ability to diagnose root cause analysis and prevent incidents. We aim to ensure our clients are prepared for overall problem management by preventing an organization’s local hero dependency, reduce and stop running processes in ad hoc fashion, and by moving toward a more common sense approach in regards to security via user education. Stay tuned for our unique software application which will help address some of the most important information security gaps within organizations today – the employees.

About Edgemount Solutions

Edgemount Solutions is a full-service business development consultancy that markets best in class solutions within the communications, data center and information security environments. We work with companies to help them succeed. With our combination of technical, operations, and management experience we can provide your organization with emerging technologies that drive measurable results and solutions.

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Our goal is to address current and future needs while aiming to reduce the cost of business in the long term.

As part of this effort we don’t reinvent the wheel, rather we leverage our clients’ existing expertise and technologies to meet your organization’s technical and regulatory requirements. With this approach our goal is to address current and future needs while aiming to reduce the cost of business in the long term. Ultimately, by enhancing your current enterprise with our best in class datacenter and information security solutions your systems will run more efficiently, in compliance with regulatory mandates and more secure.

In addition to our clients’ portfolio Edgemount Solutions offers comprehensive business development services that will work to grow your existing sales channels and impact your target emerging markets. Our approach is simple and creative with the goal of incorporating new concepts into your existing marketing strategies to achieve success at the business unit level.

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A list of our strategic clients

BlackRidge Technology provides game changing cyber and network security to cloak and protect servers and segment networks. BlackRidge provides a new level of real-time security protection that blocks or redirects unauthorized and unidentified traffic to stop known and unknown cyber-attacks, and protects against insider and third party threats with policy-based network segmentation and access control to applications and services. BlackRidge Technology was founded in 2010 to commercialize its military grade and patented identity-based network security technology. For more information, visit www.blackridge.us.

Critical Start

Critical Start is the fastest-growing cybersecurity integrator in North America.  Its mission is simple: protect our customers’ brands and reduce their business risk. We do this for organizations of all sizes through our award-winning portfolio of end-to-end security services – from security-readiness assessments using our proven framework (the Defendable Network) to the delivery of managed detection and response, incident response, professional services, and product fulfillment.  Learn more about Critical Start’s services and offering bye viewing www.CriticalStart.com


Emerson Network Power protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communications networks, healthcare and industrial facilities. The company delivers software, hardware, and services to maximize availability, capacity and efficiency for data centers. A trusted industry leader in smart infrastructure technologies, Emerson Network Power also provides innovative data center infrastructure management solutions that bridge the gap between IT and facility management and deliver efficiency and uncompromised availability regardless of capacity demands. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services at: www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.

*Emerson Network Power was acquired and split from Emerson to form Vertiv 


CoreTrace is the leading provider of enterprise-ready, cross-platform application control and whitelisting solutions. The company’s award-winning and patented solution provides three key benefits – advanced threat protection, configuration control and application intelligence. CoreTrace supplies application control and whitelisting solutions to a number of enterprise customers in a wide variety of industries including energy, oil and gas, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and government agencies. CoreTrace helps prevent unauthorized applications from executing and neutralizes malware and attacks (e.g., rootkits, zero-day attacks, and memory-based exploits such as buffer overflows). Learn more at www.Coretrace.com.
*CoreTrace was acquired by Lumension/Ivanti


SilverSky is the expert provider of cloud security solutions. Born from success as a managed services provider, our Security- as-a-Service platform delivers cloud-based software and managed services that protect critical information simply and cost effectively. By tirelessly safeguarding our customers’ most important information, we enable growth-minded leaders to pursue their business ambitions without security worry. Our growing customer base includes 6,000 organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. For more information, visit www.SilverSky.com.
*SilverSky was acquired by BAE Systems


Perimeter E-Security, Inc. provides on demand security services and offers solutions such as firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, and web browsing anti-virus. Additionally it delivers email defense solutions, email archiving and compliance, anti virus filtering, spam filtering, content filtering, and encrypted email solutions. The company also provides vulnerability defense solutions, which include internal/external scanning, remote assessment, web site monitoring, anti-phishing services, and system solutions such as host remote backup and recovery, user auditing and alerting, and policy compliance. For more information, visit www.Perimeterusa.com.
*Perimeter and Usa.net became became SilverSky


Lumension Security, Inc., a global leader in endpoint management and security, develops, integrates and markets security software solutions that help businesses protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. Lumension enables more than 5,100 customers worldwide to achieve optimal security and has operations worldwide, including Ireland, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Singapore. Learn more at: www.lumension.com.

*Lumension was acquired and became Ivanti


Avocent Corporation is the leading supplier of connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers, service providers and financial institutions worldwide. Avocent delivers IT operations management solutions that reduce operating costs, simplify management, and increase the availability of critical IT environments 24/7. Branded products include KVM switching, extension, intelligent platform management interface, remote access, wireless and video display solutions. Additional information is available at: www.Avocent.com.

*Avocent/Emerson Network Power was acquired and split to form Vertiv


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